School-Mood and STYLEX donate schoolbags to Burkina Faso

In the summer of 2018, School-Mood initiated a donation campaign for the children in Burkina Faso in cooperation with the non-profit organization “Friends for Kids e.V.“ Discarded schoolbags (e.g. when changing to secondary school) were donated at participating dealers or in the offices in Ellerau and Osnabrück.

All donations were then forwarded to Burkina Faso (with the kind support of the shipping company IFB in Hamburg). Additional items donated by School-Mood (e.g. sports bags, backpacks and pencil cases) and STYLEX (several boxes of new school bags) completed the delivery.

The donation from School-Mood and STYLEX was received with great gratitude. Now all these colorful school bags are accompanying children in Burkina Faso, West Africa through their years of elementary school.