STYLEX School forest

In Burkina Faso (West Africa) we have launched a great project: motivated “STYLEX Rangers” – students and teachers from a local school – planted a school forest. The school forest consists of 400 trees, which contribute to CO2 binding and stop the expansion of the desert in the region. STYLEX initiated the project and financed plants, work materials and continuous professional support from two teachers and two foresters.

The school’s 200 children can work with teachers and foresters, explore, maintain and, of course, play in the forest. In addition, they receive exciting teaching content about biology, environmental protection and more – and all this “up close” in the forest!

The project makes an important contribution to “Green Education”: the students repeat what they have learned with to their families and villages. The STYLEX school forest is a complete success, the care is no longer only taken on by the students, but by all villagers in the village of Zoula, everyone feels involved and highly committed.