Klimaneutrale Produkte

Felidae and STYLEX are breaking new grounds to meet the increasing environmental awareness of consumers. We work closely with the renowned climate protection advisors from ClimatePartner.

How does the conversion of the products to climate neutrality work?

  1. Calculation of the carbon footprint of the products that arise by the materials used, in the production process and logistics
  2. Compensation of all unavoidable CO2 emissions by investing in a climate protection project


As a first supplier, in 2019 School-Mood proclaimed: „Our schoolbags are 100% carbon neutral”. Now, all Felidae products (including kattbjoern) are carbon neutral. In addition, of course, high sustainability standards continue to apply to the entire product range: 100% PVC-free, use of textiles made from recycled PET bottles, no PFCs that are harmful to the environment or health, etc.


Stylex started in 2020 and transformed their catalog range “Colouring pencils” (40 items) into 100% carbon neutral products. Now, the climate-neutral range includes around 60 items from various product groups.